If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. You may also browse through the "Frequently Asked Questions" below to find your answers. 

1. What is Rombuk?

 Rombuk is a sophisticated online dating site designed for today's singles to get connected to their interested Woman/Man in an easy and a smart way. Starting from chatting to meeting in the events, we help you meet your desired person, may be your soul mate. No matter what your requirement is, with our refined search we intend to bring your perfect match.


2. Unable to Sign In

If you are finding problem during sign in, make sure the mail id you entered matches with the id that you had used while signing up. If you have more than one account, try to enter details of the right one.

If password is making your login hard, try to type the password manually before clicking on login button rather than following auto-populate. Also, confirm there are no blank spaces in your password if you are copy pasting it.


 3. Changing Username, Password, Email Address, etc.

You can update the information like Username, Password, Email Address and Location by simply editing your profile in 'My Account'


 4. Adding Photos

Adding Photos helps your profile look fresh. Change your profile image any time by editing profile in My Account. Also, one can store umpteenth images in their account by adding in the Image Gallery of My Account.


 5. When can I start chatting?

To begin chatting with a person, sign into your Rombuk account first. Accept interest from members or send interest to a person whom you want to chat with, and start express your feelings in the chat.


 6. How can I know more about a particular member?

If you're interested in a person and looking to know more about him/her, select questions of your wish from a pool of questions provided by Rombuk and send them to that person.


7. What I need to care about when I get a questions list from members?

Fill in answers and sent it back to the member, if you would like to respond. As answers, helps to analyse your personality, be-careful while answering. Also, keep in mind there won't be any editing option once if you sent.


8. I'm not interested to persue with a person, what should I do?

You can follow any option from the following if you're not interested to continue chatting with a person.


        Go through the below steps to unfollow

        Go to connections

        Select a member

        Select profile

        Click on unfollow


       Go through the below steps to block

       Go to connections

       Select a member

       Select profile

       Click on Block


9. Wink explained

 Wink is a free option provided by Rombuk to grab attention from your preferred member.  Receiving wink signals that a person is interested in your profile. It works on both the ways, either you can receive a wink or sent a wink.


10.  What if I cannot attend the event at the last minute?

We know there are circumstances which you can't skip due to some significant reasons, but we are sorry to refund the amount if you cancel your ticket in the last minute. It is always better to cancel a ticket before 3-4 days to get your money back.


11. How many connections can I make?

You can make unlimited connections with Rombuk. Make up to 8 connections if you're a member of BASIC or push the limits and make umpteenth connections if you're a PREMIUM member.


12. I've updated my profile, who can view it?

If someone updates their profile, everyone who logged-in can see it at 'MY STREAM'


13. Retrieving Forgotten Password

Forgot your password? No worries! Simply click on Forgot Password link and type in your registered email id. We will send you Password reset instructions to your mail to manage your Rombuk account password. 


14. Working of discounts

Rombuk Members can discover a variety of discounts in their mail inbox relying on the event and place. Enter the relevant code while registering for events and get discounts. These discounts cannot be combined with any other offers.


15. Contacting Customer Care

Have queries? Or looking to solve problems by getting help from Rombuk Care team? Then please write us at Rombuk@care.com or call to the below number.

 Ph No:


16. Would matchmaking happen with Rombuk without registering?

Yes, it happens.

 If you are looking for an exceptional Woman/Man without getting registered, then fill in Confidential Questionnaire in 'For the Gentlemen/For the Ladies'.  We will analyze your requirements and bring you matches that meet your criteria.


17. The privacy of your images

We take complete accountability when it comes to securing your images. We don't let anyone to save/copy your images through our advanced privacy options. So, one don't need to worry while uploading their personal photographs. 


18. Subscription Packages explained

 To enjoy complete benefits from Rombuk, choose our exclusive packages that suit your requirement.



19. How can I stop receiving emails from Rombuk?

You will no longer receive any emails from Rombuk once you click on unsubscribe link in the received mails.